A0 全彩掃瞄器   
●產品編號 GRAPHTEC SK200-09 Scanner
●產品名稱 A0 全彩掃瞄機 SK200-09
●產品內容 全彩大圖掃瞄
稿件:沒特殊限定 (A0尺寸)

型錄 PDF

Specifications of the Scanner unit for SK200-09


Document width Maximum width: 965 mm; minimum width: 257 mm
Maximum width: 38 inches ; minimum width: 10.12 inches
Document length *1 Maximum length: 16 m; minimum length: 210 mm
Maximum length: 629.9 inches ; minimum length: 8.27 inches
Effective scanning width Maximum width: 932.2 mm (centered), Minimum width: 50mm
Maximum width: 36.70 inches (centered), Minimum width: 1.97 inches
Effective scanning length Maximum length: 16 m; minimum length: 30 mm
Maximum length: 629.9 inches ; minimum length: 1.18 inches
Document size *1 JIS A0,A1,A2,A3,A4
DIN A0,A1,A2,A3,A4
ANSI Engineering E,D,C,B,A
ANSI Arch E,D,C,30/36inch
Document thickness Up to 0.8 mm (including the carrier sheet)
Up to 0.031inches (including the carrier sheet)
Scanning margins Leading edge, trailing edge: 4mm+-0.5mm for each margin
Leading edge, trailing edge: 0.157inches+-0.020 inches for each margin
Scanning system Main scanning system Contact image system (five A4 sensors in a zigzag pattern)
Sub scanning system Document travel (sheet through) system
Scanning surface Upper surface
Optical resolution 600dpi
Interpolated resolution 100/200/300/400/600/800/1200dpi
Scanning mode High-speed scan / Normal scan / High quality scan
Scanning precision *2 +-0.1% or +-1 pixel, whichever is larger
Gradation Monochrome Bilevel, intermediate tones (dithering, error diffusion)
Gray 256 shades
Color 24-bit
Threshold value A DSP (digital signal processor) enables automatic setting of the threshold value
(monochrome scans only)
Color space sRGB
Interface USB2.0 (High-speed)
Output Image data
Rated power supply 100 to 120/200 to 230 VAC +-10%, 50/60 Hz
Operating environment Temperature: 10 to 30°C, Humidity: 20% to 80% R.H. (non-condensing)
Power consumption 60 W or less (12 W or less in power-saving mode*3)
External dimensions (approx.) 1,190mm * 405mm * 445mm 1,185mm * 1,100mm * 715mm
Safety/EMC certificate UL, FCC class B (USA), CE mark (EU)

*1 If the document is a long-length document, the actual length that can be scanned is limitedby the available memory (hard disk or other data storage device) of the computer to whichthe scanner is connected, and also by the grade of the medium being scannd.

*2 Notes on scanning precisionThe scanning precision may vary slightly depending on the grade and thickness of the medium beingscanned, and on the operating conditions. The precision figures above were measured under the Graphtec specified operating conditions.

*3 Only when the power supply is 100 to 120 VAC.

Specifications of the Software for SP200W

Software name OPS123 (Scanning ARTS SP)
Copy Copy settings Number of copies (1 to 999)
Continuous copying (continuous printing and scanning)
Scan Output data format TIFF(G4), PLC, PCX, CG4, TIFF, BMP, JEPG, Grayscale etc.
Parameter settings Simple document type selection *5
Document size
Automatic despeckling function (pixel level)
Continuous scanning
Automatic file naming
High-speed scanning
Color adjustment User-defined document creation
Scanning resolution setting
Hue, chroma, and luminosity adjustment (for 24-bit color)
Gamma, brightness, and contrast adjustment (for grayscale)
Black/white level setting
Display Scanner status display
Scan preview
Miscellaneous sRGB support
Print Input data format TIFF(G3/G4), BMP, JEPG, PLC, PCX, CG4 etc.
Settings Print size selection (enlarge/reduce function)
Zooming (25% to 400% in 1% increments)
Number of prints (1 to 999)
Reprints (1 to 999)
Margin settings
Print position specification (center/left margin, top margin)
Continuous printing
Rotate (90-degree steps)
Negative output, left/right reflection
Copying speed Print mode High speed Standard High quality
- Paper size : A1 size Monochrome 1min 33sec 4min 33sec 5min 17sec
- Media : Standard paper Color 4min 21sec 9min 02sec 15min 27sec

*5 Monochrome: Maps/drawings (grayscale/monochrome), faint blueprints (monochrome), dark blueprints (monochrome), posters (grayscale), photographs (grayscale)Color: Photographs (full color), posters (full color), maps/drawings (full color/marker pen emphasis)"

Hardware requirements for SP200W

Item Specification
1 CPU Pentium III 1GHz (Pentium 4 2GHz)
2 Memory 256MB or more (1GB or more)
3 Free space on the HDD 10GB or more (30GB or more)
4 OS Windows2000,Windows XP
5 Interface USB2.0 (High speed) * 2 ports

* Suggested hardware requirements is in "( )".